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Motorcycle accidents.

While motorcycles have high performance capabilities, they are less visible and considerably less stable than cars and trucks. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), motorcycle riders are more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a crash because they lack the protection of closed vehicles.
As stated by IIHS, 4,381 motorcyclists lost their lives in traffic crashes in 2013, accounting for 13 percent of all traffic fatalities. The Insurance Information Institute (III) reports that 88,000 motorcycle riders were injured in 2013. The Institute also states that, per vehicle mile traveled in a recent year, motorcyclists were approximately 26 times more likely to die and five times more likely to be injured in traffic crashes than passenger vehicle occupants.

Auburn and Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured in an accident in which your motorcycle was struck by a passenger vehicle, do not assume that the case will be a “slam dunk.” Defense counsel will most likely be well-versed in defending motorcycle collision lawsuits, and you will need to a seasoned California motorcycle accident attorney who can vigorously and effectively represent you.

At Cunningham Law Group, A.P.C., our managing attorney, Jim Cunningham, has been helping injured clients for more than 42 years. He has handled personal injury cases throughout his career, including motorcycle accidents. In fact, Mr. Cunningham is a motorcycle enthusiast with extensive touring experience.

Here’s what you can expect from our firm:

  • Quality representation.
  • Quick resolution, with an eye toward maximizing the award.
  • Vigorous, effective representation where litigation is involved.
  • Courteous attorneys who keep clients informed.

We believe that, after a serious accident, your job is to get well, and our job is to handle the details in your case, with the fairest possible results for you as our ultimate objective. You can have confidence that when you work with our firm, you will be well represented, treated courteously, and kept informed about the status of your case.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Although motorcycle riders on occasion do cause accidents, most motor vehicle-motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT). Researchers report that motorcycle accidents most commonly occur when another vehicle violates the motorcyclist’s right-of-way in an intersection.

Drivers frequently make left-hand turns in front of oncoming motorcycles because they fail to see them. U.S. DOT researchers attribute these failures to lack of awareness and lack of caution on the part of the drivers and the fact that motorcycles are less conspicuous than other vehicles.

Head-on collisions in which a car strikes a motorcycle in the front are, tragically, a common occurrence. This type of accident is often fatal for the motorcyclist.

Road hazards present a greater crash risk for motorcycles than they do for most automobiles. Potholes, uneven surfaces, gravel, debris and slick road conditions can have far greater consequences for smaller, less stable motorcycles than for 3,000 lb passenger vehicles.

Motorcycle Collision Injuries

As motorcycle riders lack the protection of an enclosed vehicle, they are likely to sustain serious injuries in an accident. According to the U.S. DOT, a safety helmet is the only significant protective equipment motorcyclists have.

In a publication entitled Anatomy of a Motorcycle Crash, NHTSA states that injury or death results from more than 80 percent of all reported motorcycle accidents. According to NHTSA, ejection is a frequent occurrence when the motorcycle comes to a sudden stop. A rider who is ejected can forcibly strike objects in his or her path and the ground. Commonly body parts to sustain injuries in motorcycle crashes include:

  • Head and brain: When the head strikes an object or the ground, serious traumatic brain injury can result.
  • Lower extremities: A rider’s legs, knees, feet, and ankles are vulnerable to injury in a crash. Injuries include fractures, lacerations, road rash, and bruising.
  • Soft tissue: A rider who is thrown from the motorcycle may slide along the pavement and suffer serious scraping damage to the skin. Road rash can be a serious condition resulting in permanent nerve damage and leading to infection.
  • Arms: A motorcyclist ejected in a crash has a natural inclination to throw his or her arms out to break the fall. This can seriously injure the rider’s arms.
  • Back and spinal cord: The force of impact when a rider is thrown from the bike in an accident can injure the back and, in the worst cases, cause spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis (paraplegia or quadriplegia).

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle crash caused by someone else’s negligence, it is in your best interests to consult with a knowledgeable attorney at the Cameron Park motorcycle accidents law firm as soon as possible after your accident. At Cunningham Law Group, A.P.C., we represent injured riders in Cameron Park, Auburn, Roseville, Sacramento, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Placerville and Rancho Cordova, California.

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