Cameron Park Dog Bite Accident Lawyer

Dog bite.

Our Friends But Sometimes Our Enemies

Dogs are frequently called “man’s best friend” and rightly so, because our dogs bring much happiness to our daily lives. Studies show that a person’s blood pressure lowers when they pet their dog. All animals have a survival strategy. Because they are totally dependent on us for survival, it is said that how a dog is treated by its owner in the first six to twelve weeks of its life will determine its behavior from then on. Irresponsible dog owners fail to properly socialize their dogs, frequently resulting in injury to others.

Unfortunately some owners violate their duty of due care to their neighbors in failing to supervise their dog’s activities. Particularly where the animal has shown violent tendencies in the past. Over 20 percent of victims of dog attacks seek medical attention. Injuries sometimes occur to innocent bystanders. The reasons for dog attacks vary. Sometimes it is in defense of territory. Other dogs are known as “fear biters.” Whatever the reason, whenever the owner has failed in his duty of due care, he is liable for your dog attack injuries, including medical expenses, loss of earning and general pain and suffering.

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