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Auto accident.

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident caused by another driver in Cameron Park, Roseville or Auburn, you need a knowledgeable car accident lawyer whose guidance you can trust. Attorney Jim Cunningham, founder of Cunningham Law Group, A.P.C., has been helping people injured in car accidents for more than 42 years. He brings that extensive experience and passion for justice to each case the firm takes.

“Mr. Cunningham has a great team of people working with him and he was able to make a very good settlement for me with the other person’s insurance company.” Actual Car Accident Client

Nearly 3,200 people died in vehicle accidents in California in 2015 and thousands more were injured, according to the latest traffic data. Many of those accidents were preventable crashes caused by drivers who were intoxicated, distracted or driving carelessly. When drivers cause serious injuries to others, they should be held responsible for the harm they cause.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, it is important to understand your legal options. That will allow you to make a well-informed decision with your future in mind. Selecting the right attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Jim Cunningham has handled and supervised thousands of personal injury matters. At Cunningham Law Group, A.P.C., our intent is to provide vigorous legal representation with the goal of negotiating a quick resolution of your car accident case. Contact an experienced Cameron Park car accident lawyer today for a free consultation.

How a Cunningham Law Group Attorney Can Help After a Cameron Park Car Accident

Our attorneys at Cunningham Law Group, A.P.C. will review the facts of your accident, answer your questions and explain your legal rights. If your car accident is the type of case we handle, we will offer to represent you on a contingency fee basis. You will only owe a legal fee if we obtain compensation for you.

Once we are on the case, we will conduct a thorough investigation of your car accident and identify all the potentially at-fault parties. It is important to move quickly to preserve evidence and interview witnesses while their memories are fresh. We will look for evidence to show that negligence caused your injuries.

We will calculate all your losses related to the accident including medical bills and rehabilitation, lost income, future medical care and other expenses.

Our firm believes that your focus should be on your health and getting well. Dealing with insurance adjusters can be stressful. Let us deal with the insurance companies. We will submit a claim reflecting the full extent of your losses to the insurance company of the at-fault party and negotiate vigorously for full compensation.

We are able to settle many car accident claims without having to file a lawsuit. That allows clients to receive compensation more quickly and move forward with their lives. When an insurance company refuses to agree to a fair settlement, we will proceed to court and seek justice for our client through the California court system. Jim Cunningham is certified to practice before all California state courts and multiple federal courts. He has the kind of legal experience you want on your side after a serious car accident.

Causes of California Car Accidents

Many different factors contribute to car accidents, with most involving driver error or negligence. Common causes of car accidents include:

  • Speeding —Speed was cited as factor in traffic accidents causing 955 fatalities and thousands of injuries in California in in 2015, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data. Speed-related accidents account for about 30 percent of traffic deaths in California and across the nation.
  • Drunk Driving—Drunk drivers are a menace on California roadways and cause thousands of preventable accidents each year. In California, 914 people died in crashes involving drivers with blood alcohol levels of .08 percent or higher in 2015. Drunk drivers may face criminal prosecution after an accident. But anyone injured by a drunk driver will need to file a separate civil claim to obtain compensation to cover medical bills and other expenses caused by the accident.
  • Distracted Driving—Distraction occurs whenever drivers take their eyes off the road or mind off the task of driving and increases the risk of a crash. Distracted drivers pose a safety hazard to themselves and others sharing the road. More than 11,000 drivers were injured or killed in traffic accidents in which distraction was a factor in California in 2015, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety. Nearly 13 percent of California drivers were observed using a cell phone or mobile communication device according to a 2016 study. Distracted drivers who cause accidents should be held accountable for the harm they cause.
  • Drowsy Driving—Drowsy driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving, according to the National Sleep Foundation. A sleepy driver has slowed decreased awareness of surrounding traffic conditions, impaired judgment, and slowed reaction time. Drowsy driving increases the risk of an accident.
  • Aggressive Driving—Drivers who tailgate, weave between lanes, drive too fast for traffic conditions, fail to yield the right-of-way, and disregard traffic signs and signals make the roads unsafe for all motorists.

Car accidents often have multiple contributing factors. Our attorneys at Cunningham Law Group, A.P.C., understand the importance of investigating a car accident and determining all the potentially responsible parties. This may broaden the pool of insurance coverage available to provide compensation for your medical bills and other losses.

Car Crash Injuries

Injuries in a car accident depend on the circumstances and severity of the crash and other factors such as whether the victim was wearing a seat belt. Certain types of injuries are more common and may include one or more areas of the body.

  • Face: Facial injuries can be serious and disfiguring and may require surgery.
  • Head: When the head hits or is struck by an object, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may result. Even when the head does not collide with an object, the jostling of the brain caused by the impact of a collision can cause a brain injury.
  • Neck: When a vehicle is struck from behind, the resulting whip-like motion of the head and neck can cause whiplash and neck strain.
  • Chest: The driver’s chest often collides with the steering wheel in an accident. If the body is thrown forward, the chest can be bruised by the force exerted against the shoulder harness and seat belt.
  • Back and Spine: The lower back is the part of the back most commonly injured in automobile accidents. When displaced bone fragments or torn ligaments bruise or tear any part of the spinal cord, the victim may suffer paralysis (paraplegia or quadriplegia). These kinds of injuries can be life changing and require significant expenses in order to live independently.
  • Internal Organs: The impact of a collision can cause injury to the liver, spleen, kidneys, bowels, heart or other organs. A rib fractured in an accident can puncture the lungs. Internal injuries are very serious and must receive medical attention immediately.
  • Arms and Legs: The force of a collision could cause the arms or legs to hit the dashboard, the door, or the seat in front of the individual. Fractures, bruises, and lacerations of the arms and legs are common in car accidents.
  • Soft Tissue: Damage to the muscles, ligaments and tendons occurs frequently in car accidents, affecting various parts of the body.

If you or your loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Elk Grove car accident lawyer. You can contact our law firm by telephone or online for a free telephone case evaluation with no obligation. Jim Cunningham will personally advise you of your legal options and what damages you may be entitled to claim.

Car Accident Questions and Answers

How can I find a Sacramento car accident attorney near me?

Cunningham Law Group A.P.C., serves people injured in auto accidents in Cameron Park, Auburn, Roseville, Sacramento, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Placerville and Rancho Cordova and other communities in the Sacramento area. We only represent injured people and never insurance companies. If your car accident injuries prevent you from coming to our office, we will arrange to meet with you at your home or another location convenient to you. Contact us for a telephone consultation about your accident and legal rights.

Can I still seek compensation for my injuries if I was partially at fault for the car accident?

Yes, you may still have a right to seek compensation, even if you were partly to blame for a car crash. California uses a legal standard known as comparative negligence in determining fault in an accident. If you are found to be partially responsible for an accident, any compensation you receive would be reduced by your share of fault. For example, if you are found to be 20 percent at fault for an accident and the total damages are $100,000, you would be eligible to receive $80,000. Establishing fault is complicated. It is important to have an experienced attorney who understands the tactics of insurance companies advocating on your behalf.

What to Expect When You Contact Our Experienced California Auto Accident Lawyer

  • Quality representation.
  • Quick resolution, with an eye toward maximizing the award.
  • Vigorous, effective representation where litigation is involved.
  • Courteous attorneys who keep clients informed.