Cameron Park Personal Injury Lawyer Senior Attorney


Jim Cunningham came to the Sacramento area in 2002 with a simple goal: to launch a law practice that would provide a uniquely personal touch to the community. Prior to 2002, Cunningham managed one of the biggest law firms in Ventura County, overseeing operations that spanned some 400 miles in the San Joaquin Valley. A licensed pilot, Cunningham oftentimes traversed this terrain by flying the company plane. A Michigan native, Cunningham had come to southern California immediately upon graduating from Western Michigan University. He taught junior high school for three years in Santa Barbara, where he met and married his wife, Evelyn. After three years in Santa Barbara, the couple moved to San Diego, where Cunningham obtained his law degree with honors from the University of San Diego School of Law.

Legal Career

After receiving his J.D., he launched a solo practice in Solvang and two years later moved to Ventura, where he joined a small law practice. After six months, he left to start his own firm, concentrating on personal injury, general civil litigation and family law. The firm grew steadily in the ensuing years, numbering 45 employees by the early 1990s. The firm focused on personal injury cases and family law throughout Ventura County and Cunningham was the senior managing attorney, arising at 6 a.m. to oversee operations that encompassed a number of offices throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

Law Practice in Sacramento Area

By 1998, the partners began to wind down the practice and in 2002, Cunningham and his family moved to the Sacramento area, where he launched a smaller practice devoted to his ideals of providing distinctly personal client service. Since 2002 Jim’s practice has been limited to representing accident victims.

Client Testimonials

The firm’s clients have expressed their gratitude for the crucial legal hand Cunningham has lent them. One client who was injured in a motor-vehicle accident when another driver ran through a red light, had difficulty finding a lawyer because the police report didn’t say which party was at fault. “But then I called Cunningham Law Group, A.P.C., and spoke with Mr. Cunningham,” he said. “He had me come into his office and after I told him what happened, he said he believed in me and took the case. He did some investigation and was able to come up with a witness who agreed with my side of the facts. Mr. Cunningham has a great team of people working with him and he was able to make a very good settlement for me with the other person’s insurance company. I was very pleased with the treatment I got from Mr. Cunningham and all the people at his firm and would highly recommend him.” Another client came to the firm following a boating accident and reports that, “Mr. Cunningham personally handled my case and was able to obtain the maximum recovery from the insurance company. His staff was very helpful and always promptly responded to my questions. I would highly recommend this law firm.”

Professional Activities

Cunningham’s love of the law extends to other professional activities. He is a member of the Capital City Trial Lawyers Association, past president of the El Dorado County Bar Association and past board member of the Ventura County Bar Association.

Personal Time, Family

Cunningham has also continued to pursue his love of flying. He has soloed in 29 different aircraft and is a 3,000 hour commercial, multi-engine and instrument rated pilot with substantial aerobatic experience and over 800 hours in post WWI antique aircraft and over 400 hours in experimental aircraft. He has engaged in competitive ocean sailing and extensive motorcycle touring. He lives with his wife, Evelyn, their three dogs and two horses in Placerville.